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  • List of unconfirmed exoplanets — For a list of unconfirmed brown dwarfs, see list of brown dwarfs. In addition to known extrasolar planets, there are many planet candidates whose existence is more or less uncertain, or they are now known not to exist.Probable extrasolar… …   Wikipedia

  • Extrasolar planet — Planet Fomalhaut b (inset against Fomalhaut s interplanetary dust cloud) imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope s coronagraph (NASA photo) …   Wikipedia

  • COROT — Model of the Corot satellite General information NSSDC ID 2006 063A Organization …   Wikipedia

  • Methods of detecting extrasolar planets — Any planet is an extremely faint light source compared to its parent star. In addition to the intrinsic difficulty of detecting such a faint light source, the light from the parent star causes a glare that washes it out. For those reasons, only a …   Wikipedia

  • New Worlds Mission — Starshade. The New Worlds Mission is a project planning to build a large occulter in space designed to block the light of nearby stars in order to observe their orbiting planets. The observations could be taken with an existing space telescope,… …   Wikipedia

  • List of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets — The following are lists of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets. Extrasolar planets were first confirmed to be orbiting pulsars PSR B1257+12 and PSR B1620 26. These discoveries were announced in 1992 and 1993 respectively. The first extrasolar …   Wikipedia

  • Discoveries of extrasolar planets — See also: List of extrasolar planet firsts Number of extrasolar planet discoveries per year as of 10 July 2011, with colors indicating method of detection …   Wikipedia

  • HD 210277 — Starbox begin name=HD 210277 Starbox observe epoch=J2000 ra=22h 09m 29.8657s dec= 07° 32 prime; 55.155 Prime; appmag v=6.63 constell=Aquarius Starbox character class=G0V b v=0.773 u b=0.43 variable= Starbox astrometry radial v= 24.1 prop mo ra=85 …   Wikipedia

  • Planet — This article is about the astronomical object. For other uses, see Planet (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • Habitable zone — Goldilocks planet redirects here. For the planet initially nicknamed Goldilocks , see 70 Virginis b. For other uses, see Goldilocks (disambiguation). Goldilocks Zone and Comfort zone (astronomy) redirect here. For other uses, see Comfort zone… …   Wikipedia

  • Orbital inclination — For the science fiction novella by William Shunn, see Inclination (novella). Fig. 1: One view of inclination i (green) and other orbital parameters Inclination in general is the angle between a reference plane and another plane or axis of… …   Wikipedia

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